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Portfolio Live!

I know, my last post was about my website, too, which is bad, but this is important.  I have at long last gotten a portfolio assembled.  I used to feel silly that it was all fandom art, but you know what?  It’s what I do the most, and it shows what I can do.  Besides, you’re better stuff shows up when you’re doing it for fun anyway. 

Thanks to Melissa, I have Lightbox up and running.  I showed her what I had, she said it would look a lot cooler with Lightbox, I asked a few questions, and I installed it.  Other than I forgot to upload the CSS file, I actually got it the first time around…a major accomplishment for me, ha.
So, if you’d like to look at my portfolio, it can be found here!

September 11, 2008 at 1:36 am Leave a comment live!

Not that many of you are going to care, but I did just recently bring my personal website online! So, now you check there for:

  • my current writing and status
  • commission prices
  • graphic work
  • contact info

So obviously, not going to be what you all are going to want to look at every day, but for me it’s what I need to keep my projects organized and start to establish myself as being legit 🙂

So take a look if you want. Opinions always help me.

March 14, 2008 at 7:00 pm Leave a comment


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